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Parks and open spaces appeal to new town employee

Monday, 24 January 2022. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Parks and open spaces appeal to new town employee

Parks and open spaces appeal to new town employee

By Jenaya Launstein
Community Reporter

Brock Leavins joined the Town of Pincher Creek as the new co-ordinator of parks and open spaces in November and has already been making an impact within the community.

Brock’s responsibility is the overall maintenance and operations of the town’s parks and open spaces, which includes sports fields, the trail system, Fairview Cemetery, the dog park, Cenotaph Park and more.

This line of work is nothing new for Brock.

“I’ve been working mostly in recreation, parks and sports,” he says, adding he has formerly been employed by Alberta Parks, numerous ski hills and several municipalities.

Brock’s love for parks stemmed from his childhood days of playing baseball and hockey, and participating in track and field. Adding to this, as he got older, Brock found himself enjoying skiing, hiking and camping.

Brock says he’s had many good interactions with community members while he’s been out and about working on various projects.

He has been hard at work getting the town’s parks prepared for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. One of his favourite aspects of the job is “making positive change to be able to facilitate public and user groups.”

For example, when it comes to the trail system, Brock is always brainstorming new ways to make it better. He has also looked at other communities to help him find inspiration on how to maintain and improve the trails.

With his sports background, Brock wants to approach certain things in a new way, whether that be maintaining the pitching mounds differently or putting up new signs that indicate the distance from home plate to the outfield fence.

Brock’s biggest goal in his new position is to make a positive impact on all of the parks and open spaces within Pincher Creek.

One project that he is proud of from over the winter was getting the outdoor skating area in Castleview Park back up and running.

“Up until this warm week, it’s been pretty successful,” says Brock. “One highlight was on New Year’s Eve when there was easily over a dozen people there at one time and they were using it, and they seemed to be very happy with that. That was very nice for me to see.”

A focus over the next year or two will be the newly planted trees at various parks around town. This will include improving and adding onto the maintenance of the trees. The project is right up Brock’s alley, as he is a self-proclaimed plant person.

“Back at home we do have a few different plants growing inside, and the odd time you’ll catch me talking to them — it does happen from time to time,” he says with a laugh.

“I certainly do have a green thumb and a love of being around plants and nature, and hopefully that shows with the positive job that parks does over the next year or two.”

When he’s not on the clock, chances are you’ll find Brock skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and kiteboarding in the summer, the latter of which was a big part of what drew him to living and working in the area. Kiteboarding requires a fair amount of wind, so Brock definitely chose the perfect place to live.