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Community building is bonus of family business

Thursday, 21 November 2019. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Community building is bonus of family business

There’s no shortage of places to cozy up for a family photo at the Brick. Through the store, owners David and Danielle Tetachuk have been able to build a strong foundation for their two children, Landon and Brinley, and develop a platform for giving back.   Photo by Jess Harrington

Community building is bonus of family business

By Jess Harrington

It seems fitting that David and Danielle Tetachuk own the business they do, as they are keenly interested in the idea of building; building their company and building their community, bit by bit.

David and Danielle own and operate the Brick Pincher Creek. In October, they were excited to receive the 2019 Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year award for contributions to business in the region.

David and Danielle started their journey with the Brick about 8½ years ago. The store had been open for about a year when David received a call asking him to come and help run it.

David, who was unemployed then and working on a rental property he and Danielle owned, jumped at the chance to take on a new challenge.

This was a bold move, as Danielle was pregnant with their first child, Brinley, at the time.

“We know how long we’ve been part of the store because our daughter was born basically three weeks after I started,” David recalls with a chuckle.

When asked what those early days were like, the couple raise their eyebrows at each other and laugh. Their glances seem to say, “Well, it was certainly interesting.”

“That first bit he was at the store non-stop,” Danielle remembers.

“Seven days a week until midnight,” adds David.

“And I was home with a newborn,” says Danielle.

The pair persisted, however, and over the years they’ve managed to grow the business enough that they can step back a bit now and focus more on their family, which has also grown to include four-year-old Landon.

They’re also happy to have achieved enough success that they can make significant contributions to the community.

“That’s something I’ve always wanted to do, build stuff up enough that we can give back,” says David. “That’s something the store has been able to help us do.”

Every year, the Brick donates at least $5,000 to $10,000 to local events and causes.

David and Danielle have also added value to the community by launching their own business-minded projects with the assistance of the chamber of commerce.

In 2019 they spearheaded the townwide Lemonade Day event on rodeo weekend and sponsored the development of an app for the Southern Alberta Summer Games. They’re also one of the main drivers behind the the local chamber's Black Friday event coming up next week.

With all of these activities, their goal has been to give both visitors and locals a great impression of the whole community, and promote all business in Pincher Creek, not just their store.

This is because they believe in the power of reciprocity.

“The more businesses that help each other, the more we have to offer … and if people have a good experience in our town, they may look at it as a place to move to in the future and the more the community can grow,” David says.

David advises new entrepreneurs to take advantage of local resources as much as possible, and try to learn from as many people as they can.

He says it’s critical to surround yourself with good people who can help you develop and grow in your specific community, and points to the chamber of commerce and municipal administrations as great sources of support and information.

Moving into the future, David and Danielle plan to continue building up their store and their legacy within the community. They are also working to teach their kids about business and the good that can be created through entrepreneurship — and it seems like the lessons are sticking.

“Oh yeah, the kids definitely have that business mind,” Danielle shares with a chuckle.

“For a while when they were up here they’d draw pictures and then go out into the mall and sell them for money for the candy machines. But now we’re working on, OK, now you can draw pictures and just give them to people to make their day.”

Make sure to check out the great sales at the Brick during next week’s Black Friday Pincher Creek sale.