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Thinking of adding a feline to your family?

Wednesday, 24 January 2018. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Thinking of adding a feline to your family?
The Pincher Creek Humane Society is seeking forever homes for cats like Pumpkin and are hosting an adoption event this weekend at Pincher Pets.   Photo by Greg T

Thinking of adding a feline to your family?

By Georgia Dale

Pincher Creek Humane Society/SPCA is keeping it local this week with a cat adoption event at Pincher Pets. Friday and Saturday, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., some of the friendly fur babies from the shelter will be at the store for a chance to find their forever homes.

Under the new management of Felicia White, the humane society is bouncing back from a ringworm quarantine that took up a lot of the staff’s time and effort throughout the fall. The nasty contagion is now under control and the potential adoptees are ready to get comfy in new homes.

Each cat comes with a clean bill of health, fully fixed and vaccinated, for the very reasonable cost of $90. Potential owners must have all the necessary supplies and provide two non-family references, as the humane society wants to make sure each cat is going to a responsible and dedicated home.

While not every cat and kitten available for adoption will be at the store, there will be a book containing pictures and details about all of them. Potential owners are encouraged to make their way to the humane society if they don’t meet the cat of their dreams at Pincher Pets.

This event is the first of its kind in Pincher Creek, as the local shelters often drive their animals to pet stores in Lethbridge and Calgary for adoption events. Felicia thought it would be worth a try and hopes it is the first of many local projects.

One of these prospective projects is a catch-and-release program for stray cats in the area, where they catch the cats, spay or neuter them and address any immediate health concerns, and then return them to their habitats. A project like this would help control the number of stray cats in the area as well as help contain diseases that can be transmitted from strays to domestic pets.

For a non-profit agency like the humane society, the challenges of undertaking a project like this always come down to the financials. All money to cover the costs of operating the society, and any extra projects it undertakes, comes from adoptions and donations.

Working within a tight budget means staff members have to be creative, and coming up with an event like this, which supports local business and extends to local families, should be just the ticket for getting those Pincher Creek kitties to their new homes.   

If you are thinking of adding a feline friend to your household, adopting one from the humane society would be a great deal. Just spaying and neutering a cat often costs over $130 without vaccines or boosters, and adoption has the added benefit of supporting the local no-kill shelter.

The humane society thanks the residents of Pincher Creek for their ongoing support. Volunteers and foster homes are always appreciated, especially with the advent of “kitten season” over next few months.

Kitten season is like flu season except the symptoms of being surrounded by kittens include a prolonged sense of well-being, possible sniffles and maybe some tiny scratches.

Jokes aside, Felicia reminds us that in order to obtain the full benefits of kitten season, the humane society has to make sure that as few kittens are turned away as possible, and volunteers are essential in this regard.

20180124 Ben

20180124 Amethyst

20180124 Rex
Ben, top, Amethyst and Rex are crossing their ears, eyes and toes that they find forever homes during the SPCA adoption event this weekend in Pincher Creek.   Photos courtesy of Pincher Creek Humane Society