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Talking Around Town With Tyler Ryan

Thursday, 18 May 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Talking Around Town With Tyler Ryan
Photo by Tyler Ryan

Talking Around Town With Tyler Ryan

This has been a week of firsts for me.

I visited Lundbreck for the first time, and snapped some photos for Livingstone School’s Sabre Day. The students participated in “maker day,” a program that lets students roll up their sleeves and let their creative sides run wild. They built kites, dressed themselves and their teachers up like superheroes, and got some practical woodworking experience, among other cool activities.

I also met with assistant principal Greg Freer at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek, and we chatted about the opportunities that students are exposed to during experiential learning week. Of all the different activities and experiences offered, the chance to build a longboard or to spend a week at the University of Lethbridge studying criminal justice would have been my top picks.

When I look back at the schools I attended in Calgary, there were really only two options. Either the school didn’t have programs like these in place or, if it did, a similar activity was so astronomically expensive or exclusive that only a few, select kids got to participate. The rest of us had to watch from the sidelines.

So kudos to Matthew Halton, Livingstone School and any other school that gives students a chance to learn and hone their skills in a dynamic and creative way, outside of a traditional classroom.

This was also the first time I’d ever been up to the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, where I sat in on presentations regarding the impact of new fencing along Highway 3 that is meant to protect both wildlife and commuters.

The presentations were interesting and informative, but what really blew me away was the view. I had driven through Frank in the past but I’d never grasped the immensity of the rockslide that buried the town in less than two minutes, back in 1903.

From meeting fellow Shootin’ the Breeze writer Auralea Boldt, to visiting the offices of the MD of Pincher Creek — and getting lost along the way due to the construction on Waterton Avenue — to living on my own in a place that I’m still getting familiar with, and everything in between, this has definitely been a week of firsts.

Over the weekend, I went back home to Calgary because a friend of mine was celebrating her 21st birthday and I promised that I wouldn’t miss it.  The moment I hit Deerfoot Trail — one of Calgary’s busiest highways — I was immediately reminded of how much I despise driving around in the city. I also missed being able to wake up and see the mountains so clearly, and spending $40 on gas to drive to and from the city is a bit pricey for a student.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Pincher Creek is going to see a lot more of me during the summer. My only suggestion is that Pincher Creek needs more radio stations because I’m not a country music kind of guy, and I swear I’ve heard Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” at least 10 times on the radio this week.

As I’ve said before, if you see me around town, don’t be afraid to come up and say hi. If you have a story to tell, just shoot me an email at tyler@shootinthebreeze.ca.

And finally, I want to mention that Relay for Life 2017 is coming up on June 24. Every single person I’ve ever met has been affected by cancer in some way, either by personally fighting it or by standing with someone else who was fighting the disease.

As someone who knows a few people who have beaten it, are currently fighting against it, or have passed away, I think events like Relay For Life are an awesome way to celebrate with survivors, remember those who we’ve lost, and take steps to help find a cure. Registrations are ongoing and I hope to see many of you at Relay for Life.

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