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Subscription Q-and-A session

Thursday, 11 January 2018. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Subscription Q-and-A session

With the largest change in the works for Shootin’ the Breeze since its inception, we are being asked many questions.

All are good ones and if one person or 10 ask the same thing, it’s a good indication there are likely more looking for those answers.

Hopefully these tidbits of information are helpful as you consider subscription options.

When do we begin paying for copies of Shootin’ the Breeze?

There will be a charge of $1.25 per individual copy of the paper beginning with the Feb. 7, 2018, issue.

This amount includes GST.

Per-issue cost is lower if you choose to purchase a subscription.

Where will the paper be available for purchase?

This list will be finalized by the end of the week. The paper will be placed in retail stores, convenience stores, coffee shops and gas stations currently stocking other newspapers.

It will also remain available from the counter at the Shootin’ the Breeze office in Pincher Creek.

We want the process to be simple all around — for our readers, for our vendors and for our delivery people, and there are a few snags yet to work out.

How many issues of the paper will I receive?

Fifty issues of Shootin’ the Breeze will be published in 2018.

All subscriptions expire Dec. 31 of the calendar year. Due to the late start in 2018, rates have been pro-rated to reflect 45 issues between Feb. 7 and Dec. 31.

The paper will not be printed April 24 or Dec. 26.

What is the advantage to purchasing a subscription?

You’ll save on the per-copy price of your papers and will have them delivered to you.

Three subscription options are available: direct mail, online and group/bulk deliveries.


A print copy of Shootin’ the Breeze will be delivered to your post office box or home mailbox every week.The rate charged for subscriptions is based on a recipient’s mailing address and the actual charge from Canada Post to deliver to that address.
  • Please note: we were made aware late last week of an error in pricing provided by Canada Post’s commercial services department. This has necessitated three levels of pricing within our direct mail subscriptions.

LOCAL RATE — $40.50(GST included)
This rate applies only to subscribers with post office boxes in the Town and Municipal District of Pincher Creek and the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

This rate applies to subscribers with rural post office boxes in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

NATIONAL RATE — $54 (GST included)
This rate applies to urban addresses in all provinces, including Alberta, and to rural post office boxes outside of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

* Canada Post requires a minimum number of subscribers to provide this preferred rate.

With direct mailing, about 75 per cent of what you pay for your subscription will go to Canada Post and related shipping costs.


In an effort to keep as many of these dollars as possible in local hands, we are providing reduced rates for bulk deliveries, within town limits, in Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass.

With a minimum buy of five subscriptions, the cost per subscription can be significantly reduced.

This is an opportunity to have papers dropped off at your workplace, school, seniors home, etc. For example, if seven people at your office subscribe together, the subscription rate drops to $31.50 per person. Rather than receiving papers in the mail, a bundle will be dropped at your office each week.

Depending on the number in your group, you can save significantly on the yearly direct mail rate.

If your organization isn’t within town limits, you are still welcome to the rate if you make arrangements for pickup from our office.

This is my attempt to think outside the box and offer the best pricing possible to a readership that has been loyal to us.

ONLINE RATE — $20 (GST included)
This rate applies to all digital subscriptions in the form of a downloadable PDF.

The digital copy will have live links connecting readers directly with advertisers and story subjects.

Is there a senior’s rate?

Unfortunately not. Because subscription rates are based on actual mailing cost, this cannot be offered.

But bulk delivery to a seniors home is a great way for those on fixed incomes to get the best rates possible.

Can I subscribe at any time?

Yes. Subscriptions are available year-round, and all end Dec. 31 of the current calendar year.

Prices will be prorated to reflect the number of issues remaining at the time of purchase.

Is there a multi-year discount?

No. That may be a possibility in the future, but for now, pricing is based on current postal rates.

Are there grants available rather than charging us for the paper?

Yes — other newspapers in the area benefit from the Aid to Publishers program through the Canada Periodical Fund.Among eligibility criteria is the stipulation that the publication be distributed using either a majority of paid circulation or request circulation.

Changing to a paid model now means Shootin’ the Breeze will first be eligible 18 months down the road.

Newspapers Canada lobbied to have changes made to eligibility based on the cost to produce local editorial content. After considerable time and effort, the proposal was rejected in the fall, leading to the decision on my end to make this change.

Will Crowsnest Pass continue to receive coverage?

Yes! While our office is situated in Pincher Creek, Shootin’ the Breeze has always been a regional paper and there is no intention of that changing.

Our staff live, work and play in all corners of the paper’s coverage area and we strive to provide as much balance as possible.

We’ve been short-handed the past few months and will be back on track soon with another new face joining us from the Pass.

What if I’ve already bought my subscription but could take advantage of the bulk rate?

If there is a less-costly option now available, just let us know and we’ll be happy to sort things out with you.

When should I look after my subscription?

As soon as possible, please!

Because we are setting up an entirely new system, the sooner we have things in place for Feb. 7, the better.

As a bit of added incentive, we’ll do a draw for a free 2019 subscription on the 23rd of January as our way of saying thanks.

Change is intimidating and moving the paper to a paid model is a huge thing all around.

Free access to everyone was important to me, and fairly priced access is something I will remain proud of.

To so many who have already stopped in to get their subscriptions in place, know that we truly appreciate your support and your patience as this all comes together.

To our advertisers, I can’t thank you enough for supporting Shootin’ the Breeze to the degree that it could grow to what it is today.

How fortunate we have all been to enjoy the paper thanks to the solid foundation built by the businesses, organizations and individuals in southwestern Alberta.