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Revitalization of downtown Coleman: municipality wants your comments

Tuesday, 09 January 2018. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Concept 1 shows how an emphasis on landscaping could enhance the pedestrian experience.

Revitalization of downtown Coleman: municipality wants your comments

By Leslie McCallum

Information boards for the revitalization of downtown Coleman can be seen on the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass website. Your comments are invited until Jan. 12.

The Jan. 4 open house took place at the Coleman Seniors Centre and was well attended. Municipal employees and council members mixed with many interested citizens to discuss options for streetscaping downtown Coleman. The municipality intends to pursue this project this year, so input is important.

The water, wastewater and storm systems in downtown Coleman have reached end of life and need to be replaced. The intent is to replace asphalt, curbs, sidewalks and lighting at the same time and bury power lines.

The area is becoming an art hub, so the idea is to develop the street to be friendly to festivals, markets, patios and family outings. Two concepts for the final look of the area were presented.

Concept 1 has landscaped plantings and widened sidewalks to encourage pedestrians to linger.

Concept 2 has more of a plaza feel. The area could be opened for parades, festivals, markets and gatherings as there are more hardscaped open spaces.

Public input will merge the best of the two concepts into a final plan in March. The plan will be presented to council so that construction can begin in the spring.

Additional boards present some creative pictures from other communities for information.

The Downtown Coleman Revitalization Survey form can be found at www.crowsnestpass.com/doing-business.

Concept 2

Concept 2 shows how hardscaping could provide open spaces for markets, festivals and patios.