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Pie Man serves up fine British fare

Saturday, 03 February 2018. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Pie Man serves up fine British fare

Jason Pearce is always ready to serve up a wide array of British food at his Blairmore restaurant.  Photo by Georgia Dale

Pie Man serves up fine British fare

By Georgia Dale

I was planning on bringing it home for supper. To share.

But when the smell hit my nose, before I had even left the building, I knew the pie wouldn’t last long. After all, I had a fork in the lunchbox on the passenger seat.

At risk of a distracted-driving ticket, with a knee steadying the steering wheel as I headed home, I cracked the burnished-gold crust of one of Jason the Pie Man’s steak-and-ale pies.

The flavours were all there. A hint of Worcestershire spiked the rich sauce that surrounded the meat and onion — and, best of all, I could taste the beer! In fact it is St. Joe’s Double Stout, made by Oldman River Brewing in Lundbreck, that laces Jason’s pies.

Jason Pearce has been serving up pies, pasties and fish and chips to Crowsnest Pass since August, when he opened his doors at Blairmore’s Katana Inn. But it’s obvious he is not a rookie pie maker. As one baker to another, I want to know the secret behind the melt-in-your-mouth pastry that tops those pies.

Jason has hawked his delicious creations for many years and in many places, from Thailand to Spain to his home in the UK, and now in Canada where, he says, he is here to stay. He came to the Pass from Wetaskiwin, where he worked in a bakery and ran a very lucky concession at a bingo hall.

Although the winter season in the Pass is quiet as usual, Jason is excited to see where his first year in operation takes him. He offers numerous specials, including all-you-can-eat fish and chips during January, Chinese food on Wednesdays (he is a trained Chinese food chef), Thursday steak nights and Friday quiz-and-curry nights, where he will be cooking up korma, tandoori and butter chicken dishes.

Weekends are reserved for the sports, and Jason’s venue at the Kanata could easily become the Pass’s go-to sports bar with a big TV, jerseys adorning the walls and growlers full of fresh draft beer from Oldman River Brewing. Saturday night’s hockey special is a pie and growler for $18 and Sunday night football boasts all-you-can-eat fish and chips.

With the FIFA World Cup beginning in June, Jason says there are bound to be some interesting specials on the horizon. And he may have to be open at some odd hours, given the time difference between Russia and the Pass.

I for one am looking forward to sampling more menu items from the Pie Man, and there is no shortage of choices. He keeps his freezer stocked with pies that are ready to go, as well as “muff-pot meals” for the snowmobiling crowd and an array of house-made sausages, including white and black pudding.

Just in time for Robbie Burns Day, he even makes his own haggis.

Jason doesn’t plan to stop at having a thriving restaurant. He aims to start up a food truck and sell his homemade products at the local farmers market. He even plans to offer up sausage-making contracts for local hunters to process their game.

The sky’s the limit when you’re willing to try anything and adapt to customers’ requests. Jason intends to do just that as he offers catering services and private parties on top of everything else.

One only hopes that, like his amazing pastry, Jason is never stretched too thin!

20180124 Jesse Pearce GD

Jason’s two-year-old daughter, Jesse, lends a wee hand at the local farmers market.   Photos by Jason Pearce

20180124 Pearce Pickles GD

Jason’s sausages, pies and pickled products are available for on-site dining or to stock your freezer, whichever you prefer.