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Make way for Meet Me at the Movies

Friday, 29 September 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Make way for Meet Me at the Movies
Make way for Meet Me at the Movies

By Erin Fairhurst

Mondays don’t have to be greeted with a heavy sigh. In fact, why not extend your weekend by making time for Meet Me at the Movies?

The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek and the Crowsnest Pass Allied Arts Association have once again joined forces to bring an array of independent, international and critically acclaimed films to southern Alberta.

Six films from the Toronto International Film Festival’s Film Circuit will be shown in Crowsnest Pass and Pincher Creek this fall, alternating venues each time. Tickets are always $10 at the door, and show times are 7 pm. Patrons should plan to arrive early, and if demand dictates, a second 9 p.m. showing can be arranged.

With Alberta Culture Days just around the corner, it’s fitting that Maudie will play at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre on Monday, Oct 2. The film chronicles the life of Canadian folk artist Maud Lewis, and stars Ethan Hawke and Sally Hawkins.

Next, The Glass Castle plays at Fox Theatre in Pincher Creek on Oct 16. Oscar-calibre actors such as Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson and Naomi Watts headline this film, based on the memoirs of a young woman who had an unconventional and impoverished upbringing.

The Oct. 23 film, Obit, will be shown at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. This 93-minute documentary explores the fascinating world behind writing obituaries. If you think putting someone’s entire life into 500 words is easy, then this film might make you think again.

The Sense of an Ending is based on the novel by British author Julian Barnes, and weaves a complex story about truth, love and legacy. This film plays in Pincher Creek at the Fox Theatre on Oct. 30, and Lynnette Jessop, who has been involved with Meet Me at the Movies for the last five years, says that she’s particularly excited about this selection.

“I’ve read the book and I’m excited to see how the adaptation will be handled,” she says. “It’s a very complex story and will be interesting to see in film.”

The final film for the fall run of Meet Me at the Movies takes place Nov. 13 at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre. Their Finest takes place in the 1940s during the height of the Blitz in the Second World War, and has been widely touted by critics as a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy.

Lynnette says moviegoers can choose to simply attend one movie or else make a point of hitting up the entire series.

“There’s definitely a lot of familiar faces at both locations,” she says. “There’s a core group of people from both communities who make a point of going, but always new people too, depending on the film.”

Patrons attending the films at the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre are encouraged to arrive as early as 6:30 p.m. to ensure they get a seat, but the bonus is that they can also take advantage of the quiet centre to check out the exhibits for free before the film starts.

And while the interpretive centre doesn’t have a popcorn maker, Lynnette says that filmgoers are welcome to bring their own snacks to enjoy while they take in the flick.

“We want people to have fun, to make a night of it,” says Lynnette. “Why not do dinner and a movie? Or go for drinks or snacks afterwards to talk about the film — hopefully local businesses can also benefit.”

All of the films presented for Meet Me at the Movies are “high-quality independent movies” according to Lynnette, and offer viewers a chance to see films that aren’t typical mainstream blockbusters.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity,” she says, “and it’s a great way to support independent movies here in southern Alberta.”

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