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LRSD Election 2017 — Meet the candidates

Thursday, 12 October 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

LRSD Election 2017 — Meet the candidates
LRSD Election 2017 — Meet the candidates

By Caitlin Clow

Three candidates put their names forward to fill two spots on the board of trustees for the Livingstone Range School Division.

Greg Long, Kristy Stevens and Clara Yagos had the opportunity to introduce themselves to a wide audience at the MDM Community Centre in Bellevue on Oct. 4, during the Crowsnest Pass municipal candidate forum.

Greg Long

20171004 Greg Long

Greg is a retired teacher who worked in Crowsnest Pass for 30 years, at Isabelle Sellon and Crowsnest Consolidated High School.

His resume also reflects time spent as a member and chairman of the Alberta Teachers’ Association, and on the policy and negotiating committees.

“To me, a school is a community within itself,” he said. “We have hundreds of students and they all have different goals.”

“For school systems, you’re catering to a lot of different people. The goal of the school system, whether it be parents, staff, or school trustees, is to create an environment for those students where they feel very comfortable, where they feel safe, where they can grow into the adults they should be.”

The primary goal for trustees and the school system as a whole is to show all of the students that they are cared for, he said.

“I hope I’ll get the opportunity to work with the school system again.”

Kristy Stevens

20171004 Kristy Stevens

Kristy has lived and worked in the Lundbreck area for the past six years. She has been involved with Livingstone School in a variety of ways and her only daughter is set to graduate there this year.

“Volunteering at the school and working with groups in the community has been a very big part of my life,” the incumbent trustee said.

She has served as a trustee since April 2016 and said she’s learned a great deal in that time.

“It has been a privilege to work with the board and I look forward to continuing contributing to the success of all of our students.”

Clara Yagos

20171004 Clara Yagos

Clara, a retired teacher and administrator with years of experience has served as a trustee for two terms with the division. In that time she has seen a great deal of change and sees much more on the horizon.

“We have seen an increase in enrolment in this ward,” she said, excitedly.

Additional access to technology, course flexibility and course options are also a few of the things she pointed to.

“The high school redesign gives students more flexibility in course choices and we introduced programs within our schools such as cosmetology, the ski academy and expanded CTS options and outreach education,” she said.

Trustees have a lot of big decisions in the near future, she said, including the appointment of a new superintendent and ensuring the minister of education meets the needs of the district.

“Our students are important, and remember they are impacted by decisions that are made now,” she said.

“My experience, knowledge and commitment will help as a trustee.”

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