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Let's get it on, it's May long!

Saturday, 18 May 2019. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Let's get it on, it's May long!

How many are sporting a sunburn after some gorgeous weather last weekend? Hopefully only a few overindulged or forgot to slather on the sunscreen.

The sunshine and upcoming holiday weekend have left me with an earworm — a song titled “May Long Song,” written by Ashley St. Denis from my hometown, has been stuck on repeat in my head.

The words tell a story of Victoria Day weekend in Canadian fashion and I’d like to share his lyrics to set the stage for those ready for summer despite the possibility of rain or even snow in the forecast.

May Long Song

Well it’s been a long winter and we’re tired of the snow,

We’re sick of short days and 27 below;

We’ve all been looking forward to a weekend of fun

And I just can’t wait for that day in the sun.

We’ve got our fishing rods and a gas barbecue,

A big tent trailer and a cooler or two;

We got everything we need ’cause we’ve been making plans,

We’ve even got coozies for the super cans.

So let’s get it on, it’s May long,

Let’s get it on, it’s May long —

It’s a Canadian tradition, there is no better way

To get the summer goin’ on Victoria Day.

The price of gas is up but that won’t slow us down,

Our pedal’s to the metal on the way out of town;

Up and at ’em early just to get a good spot,

It’s the May long, here we come, ready or not!

The boat’s in the water and I’m waiting my turn,

To take that rocket out for a round the lake burn;

Steaks are on the grill and the beer is on ice,

My baby’s in a two-piece and she sure looks nice.

So let’s get it on, it’s May long ...

Later in the evening when the sun’s going down,

We’ll grab a ’couple guitars and we’ll gather around;

The fire’s burning high as we welcome the night,

Our first long weekend’s got us feelin’ all right.

... It’s a Canadian tradition, there is no better way,

To get the summer goin’ on Victoria Day.

The catchy tune puts me in the mood for warm summer days of play and cool nights around a campfire. I’ll add audio to this post on our website so you can have a listen and see if it gets you ready for summertime in southern Alberta.

If your plans include dusting off the blender to make some slushy drinks or putting a six-pack on ice, be sure to have a sober driver if you need to travel from point A to point B.

While on the road, give driving your full attention. Be alert for wildlife and even the possibility of coming across a cattle drive.

Sgt. Mark Harrison wasn’t free for our regular coffee chat on Monday, but does want to convey a message for the holiday weekend.

He advises everyone that RCMP, sherrifs and Alberta Parks will be out enforcing impaired-driving laws and conducting check stops.

“Please don’t drink and drive, including while operating OHVs,” he says, adding a reminder that helmets are now law when driving OHVs.

Hundreds of volunteers cleaned ditches earlier this month — as a tribute to them, please drop your garbage in a trash bin.

It’s wildfire season and conditions are dry, so dispose of your cigarettes properly and ensure campfires are doused completely.

Be respectful of wildlife. There are specific tips for recreating in bear country on page 10.

While being safe and respecting our surroundings, our wildlife and one another, I hope you find plenty of time to relax, to soak up some rays (between the rain and snow) and to take in the long weekend traditions you truly enjoy.

Let’s get it on, it’s May long!