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Learn by doing - join 4-H

Thursday, 27 September 2012. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Learn by doing - join 4-H

Learn To Do By Doing

If you are a student and looking for a club activity.  Come join us!  We work with age groups from 9 years old (as of Jan-1-13) to 21 years old.  You can take the opportunity to learn leadership, banking, communication skills, starting and finishing a market animal; such as a pig or steer; learning more about horsemanship, or even learning how to shoot and maintain a gun; just to name a few.

The opportunities through 4-H are endless.

There is a winter camp near Cypress Hills where you learn leadership and how to ski or improve those skills.

You can meet new 4-H members from all over Alberta, Canada, United States and go on 4-H exchange trips all over the world, if you choose.

In the summer there are camps going on every week with qualified leaders at a beautiful site in Battle Lake, AB, our 4-H headquarters, just west of Wetaskiwan; with a lake to canoe and swim in; you learn archery, there is a baseball and soccer field also a basketball court, hikes and lots of games and fun activities; it appears that this place has an opportunity for everyone.  You can even sleep in a tee-pee.

The scholarships for 4-H members are numerous.

4-H looks good to an employer on any resume.

Yes the Sky IS the Limit when you join 4-H!



4-H Club Start Up Dates

Silver Reins (horse Levels 1-7, reining, jumping, young horse)

September 28, 2012      Contacts:  Joanne Wells 403-627-8845 or Joyce Taylor 403-627-2271

from 3:00 – 8:00 at the CO-OP Mall

Foothills Beef (market steer, heifer, cow/calf)

October 11 & 22, 2012            Contact: Dave Decock 403-627-4769 or Kathy Welsch 403-627-4698

Parent Meeting Oct 11 @ MD Bsmt @ 7:00pm

1st Meeting Oct 22 @ MD Bsmt @ 7:00pm



Rocky Mountain Swine (hog)

October 10, 2012     Contact:  Gloria Barbero 403-627-2808 or Sheila Goodreau 403-627-2812

@ 4:00pm @ MD Bsmt

Chinook Multi (horse, hog, photography, shooting)

October 12, 2012     Contact:  Brad Bustard 403-627-3714 or Linda McKinnon 403-627-6102

@ 6:30pm @ MD Bsmt

Timber Trails (market steer)

October 15, 2012,     Contact: Monica Moulson 403-628-2013 or Sandra Lewis 403-628-2275


Unedited press release from Gloria Barbero, secretary of Pincher Creek and District 4-H


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