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Get in on the Hamper Scamper

Wednesday, 22 November 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Get in on the Hamper Scamper
Kyla Bruns hustles through the Pincher Creek Co-op grocery aisles in last year’s Hamper Scamper.   Photo by Shannon Robison

Get in on the Hamper Scamper

By Shannon Robison

How well do you know the aisles of the local grocery store?

Do you long to feel the wind in your hair as you dash from one row to the next on a scavenger hunt like none you’ve seen before?

Are you intrigued?

The Rotary Club of Pincher Creek and Pincher Creek Co-op have teamed up a second time to run the Hamper Scamper in support of the local food bank.

Tickets are available until Saturday for a chance to test your skill against the clock. Ten lucky contestants will be drawn to take part in the Dec. 1 race hosted by the Co-op.

Rotary president Steven Barfuss says many improvements have been made since the inaugural run last year.

“The biggest improvement is the opportunity for people to be in a viewing area to watch the race,” he says.

“Friendly sabotage is also allowed,” he adds, noting that people may not want to leave their carts unattended as you just never know what might happen.

Contestants can also have a partner of their choosing this year. So if you’re not generally the one doing the shopping, you can call on a friend for help.

Each team will receive a list of 25 to 35 items to search for as five minutes tick away on the clock. Placings are determined by the number of correct items found. Some may be general while others may call for a certain size of a particular brand.

Last year’s winner found only eight of 25 items correctly, so it’s a fast and furious race that requires you to pay attention as well.

The Rotary club has purchased Co-op gift cards ranging from $50 to $500 in value as prizes for first to fifth place, so it’s worth your while to spend some time getting your bearings in the grocery aisles beforehand.

Even better is the benefit to the Junction food bank. Last year the race netted $2,000.

With 500 tickets available, that amount could double this year.

Tickets are $10 each and available from Rotary members and locations around town, including Shootin’ the Breeze.