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First Student challenges schools to support food bank

Friday, 08 December 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

First Student challenges schools to support food bank
First Student challenges schools to support food bank

By Auralea Boldt

There is a collective groan in the Grade 6 classroom at Canyon School.

The morning announcements have just established Grade 5 as the school leaders in non-perishable food donations.

While First Student generally hosts Stuff a Bus at Ranchland Mall each Christmas — with proceeds going to the local food bank — this year it has challenged Pincher Creek and Lundbreck schools to compete internally, among the different grade levels, for the most non-perishable food donations.

Kindergarten through Grade 6 classes at Canyon and St. Michael’s schools in Pincher Creek, and Livingstone School in Lundbreck, will all compete. The winning grade in each school will get to cut class and take a free First Student bus ride to Pincher Station, in time for the much-anticipated CP Rail Holiday Train.

“We will descend upon Pincher Station with three busloads of children. Hopefully we don’t lose anyone,” jokes Sharon Roberts, transportation co-ordinator for First Student.

The contest ended on Wednesday. First Student will establish the winner at each school by counting food donations, and announcing the winning grade.

“With Livingstone being so small, we can probably take the winning grade, and a second grade as an honourable mention,” Sharon says.

The same bus that will be used to collect the food items from the schools on Thursday — loaded by the students — will also be at Ranchland Mall collecting donations for First Student’s regular Stuff a Bus food drive on Friday.

Taking on an extra event didn’t feel like too much of a stretch for the bus company’s community spirit. First Student always does Stuff a Bus at this time of year, and Sharon feels this is a unique opportunity to capitalize on the community’s anticipation.

“We don’t get the Holiday Train that often,” she says.