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Coffee house draws acclaim from near and far

Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Coffee house draws acclaim from near and far
Jamie Raffan, Aynsley Baker and Tracey Hoffman with their small business Award of Excellence at the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce gala.   Photo by Shannon Robison

Coffee house draws acclaim from near and far

By Georgia Dale

When a person sits down at Harvest Coffeehouse in Pincher Creek they are instantly enchanted by the aroma of fresh coffee, warm muffins and zesty roasting vegetables, the bustling tables, customers chatting with one another, and the warm, artful decor.

It has been a good year for the folks at Harvest Coffeehouse. They received the Award of Excellence for small business of the year from the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Southwest Service and Tourism Award for outstanding business.

Manager Tracey Hoffman — who was also nominated for employee of the year in both sets of awards — says none of this success would be possible without the entire staff, since everyone contributes, everyone does a bit of everything, and everyone strives for excellence.

Tracey takes pride in watching young staff members develop over time, and recognizes how their contagious happiness contributes to Harvest’s positive atmosphere.

Helping young employees cultivate transferable skills is just one of the ways the business gives back to the community. The staff works hard to cook meals from scratch and bake fresh treats every day.

Harvest also strives to support local businesses and artisans — Crowsnest Coffee Company, Summit Roastery, Steep Peak Kombucha and many more — and is participating in the Pincher Creek Legion’s Christmas hamper program again this December.

This summer proved to be Harvest’s busiest season yet, and Tracey attributes that partly to the certificate of excellence and 4.5 (out of 5) rating on TripAdvisor, which helps draw customers from out of town.

Tracey believes many visitors to the southwest are actively looking for locally owned businesses — and the map on the wall attests to this. Since it was put up in June, the map has been festooned with pins marking the various countries that customers have visited from.

Even though the influx of tourists and customers on their way through town is appreciated, Tracey says it’s the locals who keep Harvest so vibrant.

This is immediately apparent as one looks around the coffee house and sees people chatting comfortably with one another and acknowledging each person who comes through the door.

Again, Tracey says, the staff members — Tasha Hay, Dani and Lindsay Lounsbury, Jamie Raffan, Kaitlin Speight, Caleb Evans and Annika Lewis — play an enormous role in establishing the positive and welcoming atmosphere, and she sends her thanks out to them.

20171128 Dani Lounsbury 1 GD
Dani Lounsbury provides service with a smile at Harvest Coffeehouse.   Photo by Georgia Dale