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Blinds donated by Tomik family

Wednesday, 17 May 2017. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Blinds donated by Tomik family
Barb Tomik, left, and Bonnie Tomik have donated new blinds for the acute-care rooms at the Pincher Creek Health Centre in memory of their mother, Georgia Louise Tomik.   Photos by Tyler Ryan

Blinds donated by Tomik family

By Tyler Ryan

Pincher Creek Health Centre has received new blinds in its acute-care rooms, thanks to a donation by the Tomik family and the help of Windy Slopes Health Foundation.

Sisters Bonnie and Barb Tomik spent time at the Pincher Creek hospital when their mother, Georgia Louise Tomik (née Rutledge), was admitted. According to Bonnie, during the summer that they spent in the hospital with their mom, the old blinds were problematic and they had to take things into their own hands.

“It just wasn’t dim enough for her eyes and the blinds didn’t work, so we taped up a sheet,” Bonnie says. “Finally we went and bought our own blackout curtain and tension rods, and that worked, but [the hospital] just didn’t have a room with curtains and blinds that worked.”

“So we thought, when she passed away, that we would make donations to this project.”

The process towards getting the new blinds started with Barb writing a letter informing Windy Slopes Health Foundation about the bad shape of the blinds, and expressing interest in helping the hospital get the new blinds that it needed. The process took only nine months, and by March the sisters knew the new blinds would be installed.

According to Cheri Bobyk, owner of Naked Windows Shades and Blinds, the blinds cost just under $5,000 to make and install.

Barb commends the staff of Pincher Creek Health Centre.

“The nursing staff here is a wonderful group of people and this has helped solve some of their problems too,” she says.    

“It assists them in making their patients comfortable.”

20170512 Cheri Bobyk Donation TR
Cheri Bobyk was in charge of building and installing the blinds.

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