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A note from Coach Tom

Thursday, 27 September 2012. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

A note from Coach Tom

By Tom Holoboff


Well, football fans, it was another exciting weekend of Mustangs football. First, I would like to give a big shout-out to the Senior Mustangs who, for the second year in a row, brought the league trophy home to Pincher Creek. Big congrats also to the Bantam Mustangs, who were victorious on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the Peewee Mustangs – in Lethbridge for a jamboree on the weekend – did not share the success of their senior siblings.

The peewees’ first game started at 10 a.m., but the Mustangs did not wake up until about 10:30 – by that time, the Coyotes had a four-touchdown lead. The Mustangs ended the game in style, though, with Richie (Wheels) LeGrandeur scoring on a 20-yard run.

The second game saw the Mustangs playing new opponents, the Lethbridge Bulldogs. The Bulldogs scored two touchdowns on their first two plays, which proved the Mustang players were still sleeping. Tch, tch! Kids should not be sleeping at noon! Actually, with the Bulldog players towering over most of the Mustangs, the Pincher Creek players showed extraordinary courage just staying in the play.

After a couple of successful stops, the Mustangs learned that if they use the proper techniques taught by the coaches, size does not matter. By the end of the game, the Mustangs were playing right along with the big dogs. Tate (The Flash) Jensen scored on a long run and Tristen Liscombe scored on a broken play, only to have the play called back due to illegal proceedure on the opposite side of the field. The Bulldogs won with a final score of 4 touchdowns to 1, but this certainly did not reflect the level of play by the Mustangs.

The last game of the day saw the Mustangs face a fine-tuned machine called the Lethbridge Rams. The Mustangs defence was up to the task, with Hunter (Hit Man) Austring plugging the middle and Tate Jensen and Caleb Jones forcing the outside runs back inside, where Jesse Saulnier and Grace Metcalfe were waiting to make the ball carriers’ aquaintance. The Rams won the final game with a score of 3 touchdowns to 0, but the Mustangs showed much more effort than in the first two games.

In the end, the coaches felt a few players did not give 110 per cent on the field, which left the other players having to pick up the slack. Coach Travis used the example of the chain being only as strong as the weakest link. When that link breaks, the chain fails. Coach Tom felt this was a life lesson to the team, showing that if they don’t do what they are expected to do, with 110 per cent effort, it affects more than just themselves individually and prevents the achievement of group goals.

With the next weekend off, the Mustangs will work on teamwork and learning to play with 110 per cent heart in everything they do. The team has a busy schedule the following weekend, with games in Taber and the game of the year at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, as guests of the Claresholm Raiders.

Until then, this is coach Tom signing off, reminding everyone that every day is a great day for football!